Fujino Ichimura Sea Salt Finger Cookies

Fujino Ichimura Sea Salt Finger Cookies 藤野一村海盐手指饼干

Brand: Fujino Ichimura
Expired Date: 365 days
Manufactured Date: Updated at any time Flavours: Japanese Sea Salt Biscuits, Sea Salt Finger Cookies, Japanese Coconut Milk Rolls, Japanese Style Chocolate Roll

1. The date printed on the product packaging is the manufactured date, not the expired date, and the manufactured date is updated at any time.
2. The product packaging you receive may not be the same as the picture in our product details. This is because the Chinese snack packaging will be updated from time to time.

品牌: 藤野一村
热卖月份: 全年
保质期: 365 天 生产日期: 随时更新

1. 印在产品包装上的日期是产品的生产日期,不是有效期,生产日期随时更新。
2. 您收到的产品包装不一定和我们产品详情里的图片一样,这是因为中国零食包装会无时无刻的更新,请以收到的实物为准。

* Image shown is for illustration purposes only


Weight 138 g


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