CYL Instant Japanese Fresh Udon

CYL Instant Japanese Fresh Udon (200G/PKT)

(HALAL) Instant Japanese Fresh Udon 200g
Ingredients : Wheat Flour , Water , Starch , Salt ,Stabiliser
Weight : 200g

Udon (うどん) is a type of thick, wheat-flour noodle used frequently in Japanese cuisine. It is often served hot as a noodle soup in its simplest form, as kake udon, in a mildly flavoured broth called kakejiru, which is made of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. It is usually topped with thinly chopped scallions.

Other common toppings include tempura, often prawn or kakiage (a type of mixed tempura fritter), or aburaage, a type of deep-fried tofu pockets seasoned with sugar, mirin, and soy sauce. A thin slice of kamaboko, a halfmoon-shaped fish cake, is often added. Shichimi can be added to taste.

Cooking Suggestions :
Soup, Fried, Steamboat, Japanese Style Cold Udon

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Weight 200 g

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