CB Cuttlefish Ball W Squid Ink

CB Cuttlefish Ball W Squid Ink 8PCS (160G/PKT)

Surimi, Potato modifled starch, Corn starch, Cuttlefish, Sugar, Palm Oil, Salt, Garlic, White powder, Egg white powder, Soya protein Isolate, Flavor enhancer

Storage Guidelines
• Keep can closed with plastic lid after use.
• Avoid prolonged storage in excessive temperatures.
• Use contents within 9 weeks of opening.
• Do not use if foil security seal is damaged or missing.

Cooking Preparation
1. Steamboat
• Boil in 100°c hot soup for approximately 1-2 minutes.

2. Microwave
• Reheat for 2 minutes.

3. Deep Frying
• Deep fry in 180°c until golden brown.

4. Steam
• Steam for approximately 5-8 minutes.

5. Stir Fry
• Stir fry with other delicacies (vegetables, seafood, noodles or rice).

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